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VeloCity 2021 Post Event Report

VeloCity Atlanta 2021 was a lot of fun! And we had beautiful weather for riding around the country lanes of Fairburn, GA. This was one of the best organized events that I have supported.  The local ARES crew ran a professional Radio Net and maintained close communications with the event organizers. There were two sets of motorcycle volunteers.  The first group of twelve reported directly to the event coordinator and maintained contact with the lead cyclist & tail cyclist for each route.  This group of volunteers represented the Black Angels Motorcycle Club, led by TopDog and his bright yellow Goldwing, as well as Faith Riders, Get-2-Gether Riders, Christian Motorcycle Association and several independent volunteers. The second group of licensed amateur radio operators reported directly to the ARES run Net Control and were directed to different routes & locations as needed.  I rode as part of this team with Duncan as my wingman.  Mark K. of the Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club combi