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Spin for Kids 2020

 Four of us from Team Moto joined the Motorcycle Marshal team for Spin for Kids 2020 over the weekend.  It was a beautiful day to be out riding and serving our community. The event was really well organized, masks were mandatory and all volunteers & riders had to pass a temperature check.  The start times for each of the six routes were staged throughout the morning.  And each route had a 30 minute rolling start.  This kept the concentration of riders low at base camp and on the course. I had the privilege of joining Net Control as "Rover 3" and was able to periodically relay updates for the 15 mile route.  I still think operating a HAM Radio while riding a motorcycle is pretty cool :-D  This year I had my antenna mounted to a sport rack and it worked out really well.  Next upgrade will be a 25watt radio.  More Power Baby!  Looking forward to next years event and supporting a wonderful cause.   Here is a link to more information about Spin For Kids.  https://www.camptwinl
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Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club (update)

If you are a new subscriber, Welcome! And thank you to everyone else for remaining a subscriber :-) Since becoming a member, I've been coordinating with the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club to get the word out for volunteer opportunities for motorcycle riders. The club members have been very warm in accepting me as a remote member (they're based in SoCal, but have members scattered around the U.S.A.).  And I've discovered a wealth of new information about different approaches to operating amateur radio while riding. Having an amateur radio license isn't necessary for volunteering-on-two-wheels, but I found that it added an extra dimension to my last outing as a motorcycle marshal for Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride . James Acworth, GA February 2020

Spin For Kids 2020

The volunteer sign-up page for Spin-For-Kids 2020 is now open! The ride will start and end at Camp Twin Lakes Rutledge in Rutledge, GA.  There are five routes to cover and the organizers are looking for up to six Motorcycle Marshals per route.  As you can see from the list below, all cyclists will cross the finish line around the same time, for a big party at the finish line. 100 miles, 8am to 4pm 62 miles, 9am to 4pm 47 miles, 10am to 4pm 27 miles, 10:30am to 4pm 15 miles, 11am to 4pm Here are some words from Ashley Henderson , the volunteer coordinator. "Spin For Kids Motorcycle Marshals keep riders safe by leading each group, following behind the last riders, and patrolling the route for any injuries or rider needs. We need your help to make Spin For Kids a safe, fun day for everyone!  We will provide $10 gas cards, lunch, and t-shirts to all riders.  I hope that you will consider joining us on October 4th, 2020!" Amateur Radio support will be provi

February 2020 Update for Georgia Motorcycle Volunteers

My son & I enjoyed the Atlanta Motorcycle Show a few weekends ago.  I particularly enjoyed the British vintage motorcycles and a very special classic Ducati.  We had some good conversations with some of the exhibitors and were able to hand out a bunch of motorcycle volunteer contact cards. A couple of weekends ago I discovered a group of about twenty all female riders who gather at my favourite local breakfast spot once a month.  They were gracious enough to listen to my pitch and accepted a few contact cards from me.  If you were in that number, Welcome! :-D For the Georgia crew there are some volunteer opportunities coming up that could be combined with a weekend trip: Florida March 7th & 8th, 2020 :  Bike MS The Citrus Tour , Polk County & Osceola County April 18th & 19th, 2020 :  Bike MS Breakaway to Key Largo Alabama June 6th, 2020 :  Bike MS Rocket City , Madison, AL. Kentucky June 27th & 28th, 2020 :  Bike MS Bluegrass Bourbon Ride

Motorcycle Volunteer Opportunities for 2020

Save the Date! Below is a summary of Motorcycle Volunteer Opportunities for 2020.    Click here for a complete list of Bike MS events in all states. Alabama June 6th, 2020 :  Bike MS Rocket City , Madison, AL. California These are  Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club (M.A.R.C.)  supported events: March 22nd, 2020 : Oakland Marathon Snow Park, Oakland.  HAM Support by Mike Pompa KB6MP May 16th, 2020 :  Bike MS Los Angeles  Day #1 Santa Monica to Ventura    May 17th, 2020 :  Bike MS Los Angeles  Day #2 Ventura to Santa Monica May 30th, 2020 : Devil's Slide Ride  Pacifica August 1st, 2020 : Marin Century  San Rafael.  HAM Support by the Marin Amateur Radio Society October 18th, 2020 :  American Diabetes Association Los Angeles Cycle Ride  October 24th, 2020 : Bike MS Bay-to-Bay Day #1 lrvine to Carlsbad October 25th, 2020 : Bike MS Bay-to-Bay Day #2 Carlsbad to San Diego Florida March 7th & 8th, 2020 :  Bike MS The Citrus Tour , Polk County & Osce

Going Motorcycle Mobile

Volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal for the Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride was my gateway into Amateur Radio. I connected my AnyTone D878 to a half-wave dual-band antenna that is mounted on the grab rail of my Ducati Monster S2R, strapped the wireless PTT to the left grip and paired the radio with a Sena 20S EVO et voila! I was "Motorcycle Mobile" and hooked up to Net Control for the event. I've since invested in a Ventura Sport Rack and a low-profile mount to improve the antenna installation. We're always looking for Motorcycle Riders to volunteer for this event, and for another event in North Georgia named Spin for Kids. Our goal is to field as many Motorcycle Marshals as we can, to keep our cyclists safe while they're on the course. Please share the following links with folks who you think may be interested in: ...volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal ...volunteering as a HAM Radio Operator [unicorn] ...volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal and HAM Radi

Contact Cards are here!

I ordered some "contact cards" for us to handout to other Motorcycle Riders we may meet who express an interest in volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal for community & charity events. Let me know if you'd like a handful 😀 James Acworth, GA November 2019 Save the Date! October 4th, 2020 : Spin for Kids, Morgan County, Georgia October (TBA), 2020 : Bike MS, LaGrange, Georgia 2020 Bike MS Events Bike the US for MS