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Going Motorcycle Mobile

Volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal for the Bike MS Atlanta Peach Ride was my gateway into Amateur Radio. I connected my AnyTone D878 to a half-wave dual-band antenna that is mounted on the grab rail of my Ducati Monster S2R, strapped the wireless PTT to the left grip and paired the radio with a Sena 20S EVO et voila! I was "Motorcycle Mobile" and hooked up to Net Control for the event. I've since invested in a Ventura Sport Rack and a low-profile mount to improve the antenna installation. We're always looking for Motorcycle Riders to volunteer for this event, and for another event in North Georgia named Spin for Kids. Our goal is to field as many Motorcycle Marshals as we can, to keep our cyclists safe while they're on the course. Please share the following links with folks who you think may be interested in: ...volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal ...volunteering as a HAM Radio Operator [unicorn] ...volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal and HAM Radi

Contact Cards are here!

I ordered some "contact cards" for us to handout to other Motorcycle Riders we may meet who express an interest in volunteering as a Motorcycle Marshal for community & charity events. Let me know if you'd like a handful 😀 James Acworth, GA November 2019 Save the Date! October 4th, 2020 : Spin for Kids, Morgan County, Georgia October (TBA), 2020 : Bike MS, LaGrange, Georgia 2020 Bike MS Events Bike the US for MS