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VeloCity 2021

We're seven days out from VeloCity 2021 (Saturday, May 1st) and things are ramping up.  E-mail & text messages are flying around all over the place, routes are established, radio frequencies have been shared, waiver forms issued and motorcycles are being prepared. At time of writing there are 14 motorcycle volunteers signed up, three of whom are also Amateur Radio Operators.  A big shout out to Mark K. of the Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club, who is driving in from California to support this event.  We really appreciate you. For this event I have upgraded my radio from a 10 watt handheld to a 50 watt mobile unit, with a remote head and bluetooth connection to my Sena 20s.  Really looking forward to trying it out next weekend 😁 We can never have too many motorcycle volunteers for charity cycling events.  It's all about keeping the riders safe on the course.  There is still time to volunteer for this event if you're available.  HAM radio is not required, but I've found